Thrive Gentian Ear Wash 250 ml


Thrive Gentian Ear Wash by Big Country Raw - 250 ml

Spray bottle of ear cleaning solution for the treatment of waxy ear discharge and to hasten healing of inner ear infections caused by Staph, Strep and Pseudomonas bacteria, Malassezia or Candida yeast. After recommending our (Big Country Raw) recipe to numerous clients looking for a solution to combat reoccurring ear infections we know make this product available to our clients in the convenience of a250 ml bottle. This all natural recipe contains witch hazel and boric acid to soothe inflamed ears and gentian violet as a bactericide and fungicide to treat both yeast and bacterial related ear infections.

Directions for use:

Flush ear with 2-5ml of solution & massage gently for 20 – 30 seconds. Wipe ear with a tissue. Re-flush ear a 2nd time and allow dog to shake out. When cleaning try to prevent debris from falling back into ear canal. If using a q-tip to clean do not insert further than you can see. Use care when cleaning and do not treat if ears are highly inflamed or have open sores.