Fur Freshener & Repellent Citronella - 250 ml

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Legendary Canine Fur Freshener - Citronella Blend

This 100% natural Fur Freshener uses essential oils to produce a fresh, outdoors aroma with a hint of citrus! So no matter what your dog gets into on the trials, we can get the stink out!  A trustworthy all natural spray with ingredients that are a natural way to ward of the pesky insects! Go on and enjoy the outdoors! Read reviews here:  legendarycanine.com/store/100-natural-fur-freshener/fur-freshener/


We handcraft our Fur Freshener in Canada using only the finest, human-grade, 100% natural ingredients:
Alcohol free witch hazel, distilled water, vegetable glycerin, citronella essential oil, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, lemongrass essential oil