BCR Pure Lamb 4lb Carton - 1lb sealed portions

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BCR Lamb Dinner 4 lb Box contains 4 - 1 lb portion vacuumed sealed packs with easy peel top

Ingredients: Lamb Muscle Meat, Lamb Tripe, Finely Ground Lamb Bone, Lamb Organ Meat (liver, kidney, lung, spleen)

Product Details
A popular choice for dogs that love the taste of meaty Canadian Pasture Raised Lamb. Also a great choice for dogs with sensitivities to beef, or just looking for a new flavor. High in calories, lamb is great for dogs looking to gain weight, or active breeds that have energy to burn. With fresh green pasture raised lamb tripe, this dinner is a big favourite for dogs big and small.

· Hormone & Antibiotic Free

· Pasture Raised Canadian Lamb

· Good for puppies to adult dogs

· Excellent choice for dogs with allergies

· Supplement with Thrive Herring Oil